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Skrillex Answers Medasin Amid “Humble” Accusations: “Believe What You Want!”

Despite Skrillex and Medasin‘s FaceTime date to hash out the “Humble” controversy, the two producers still aren’t seeing eye-to-eye…

Medasin took to Twitter today to reaffirm his position that Skrillex purposefully took from the song “Territory” to make his “Humble” remix. The similarities are uncanny, but that’s not definitive proof that Skrill stole from Medasin. Check out both songs here, and read all of Medasin’s tweets here.

All caught up? Now, Skrillex has answered, asserting that he’d never heard that particular song until all of this “Humble” controversy popped up. There’s even a possibility he wasn’t aware that Medasin had any part in the massive banger “The Zoo,” which Skrillex has been known to drop into his sets, due to the way Skrill organizes his Rekordbox tracks.

We have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear of all this…

Skrillex Answers Medasin

Furthermore, a deleted tweet…

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