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Skrillex Just Got A Puppy And They Look Cute AF Together

If we’re reading into this correctly, Skrillex‘s wolf pack just doubled in size… So this is our obligatory “Skrillex has a puppy!” post.

Today, the producer shared a photo of himself with one of the cutest little puppies we’ve ever seen. Instead of riding shotgun, this little dude (we’re guessing it’s a boy by the collar) chose to post up in the arms of Skrilly.

Naturally, fans have been freaking out over all the cuteness and we simply can’t resist this furry little face either.

“Happy Sunday,” was all that Skrillex shared on Instagram.

That’s it?! Alright Skrillex, we’re going to need to know this lil pup’s name ASAP.

Skrillex Pupper


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