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Skrillex nabs major production credits on new Mariah Carey & Ty Dolla $ign song, ‘The Distance’ : Dancing Astronaut

If there were any doubt about whether Skrillex‘s music has become one with the world of mainstream pop and R&B, his latest production credits will eradicate any remaining uncertainty.

Sonny Moore’s new production for Mariah Carey hits the big leagues. It’s no deep OWSLA cut, or anything like, say “Chicken Soup,”  but it is a welcome reimagining of the timelessness that Mariah Carey always so elegantly exudes. There’s still the Skrillex MO buried somewhere in the buoyant baseline.

Of course, Skrillex also reportedly has new music of his own on the way and judging by his hand at this number, it’s looking like anything is possible.

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