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Slushii Gets Hacked On SoundCloud by the Same Guy Who Hacked Carnage Days Ago

Slushii was hacked by the likes of “Quinn” aka @ZG, the same guy who apparently hacked Carnage recently…

Although it doesn’t appear that the hacker did anything super malicious, he was messing around with Slushii’s SoundCloud profile just enough for fans to notice. According to r/EDM, the hacker took over Slushii’s account, replaced his name with “Hacked by Quinn,” and uploaded a since removed meme track for good measure.

The colorful bass producer pointed out the incident to SoundCloud publicly on Twitter, hinting that “2 step verification” would prevent issues like this.

A few days ago, when Carnage was hacked he called out “the homie” by name, giving him “props.” WTF.

Anyone who says “get cancer” isn’t a homie…

It was pretty easy for Slushii to figure out exactly who duped him…

Heads up, producers — It doesn’t look this hacker plans on stopping anytime soon.

Slushii Hacked on SoundCloud



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