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Social media ticket scams reportedly cost the public $7.5 million in 2015

Think twice before heading to Facebook in search of a Panorama ticket. According to a recent study, online ticket scams have reportedly cost the public £5.2 million, or roughly $7.5 million USD.

The study, based in the UK, found a 55 percent spike in fraudulent sales in the past year, with many transactions taking place on social media platforms. A staggering 21% of black market ticket sales took place on Facebook, and around 6% on Twitter.

The study, a joint effort between Get Safe Online and Britain’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau found that nearly 15% of all reported instances of fraud involved fake tickets for music festivals and shows.

“If you really want to get tickets to one of the big summer festivals, it can be really tempting to try and get tickets from all kinds of places,” said Tony Neate of Get Safe Online. “Criminals are clever and often use pre-existing websites or fan forums to help them appear legitimate.”

Via: Music Week

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