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Someone Created A Petition To Change Our National Anthem To “Sandstorm”

We all love “Sandstorm.” I really don’t care if you say you hate it, you love it. Stop lying to yourself.

“Sandstorm” is basically the anthem of electronic music. Everyone knows it, everyone (kind of) sings along to it when it comes on, and whether you’re having a bad night at the club or you’re just kind of in a funk, “Sandstorm” can help bring you out of it. So why not make it the national anthem of the United States, too?

That’s what a man named Kyle Tucker is trying to accomplish with a new petition on The website is not known for enacting actual change, but rather showing support of issues. And in this case, over 1,000 people have already shown their support for this nationwide issue.

Think about it… do you ever find yourself struggling to remember the words to The Star Spangled Banner? It’s rather long and laborious. How much easier would it be to just sing “Sandstorm”?

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Early supporters of the petition include a staff editor at Ars Technica and a features editor for VICE/Thump.

Join the cause! Sign the petition now.


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