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Soulless Sun & Breez E – Crazy Talk (Original Mix)

It is rare to stumble upon a music selection that encompasses a myriad of elements while effectively delivering an infectious sound and capturing fans with unadulterated passion. Often times recording artists are fastened to a one-dimensional style that quickly fades as contemporary artists and producers hover over the cutting-edge of technology and sound. In one of the most multi-faceted releases of the year, Soulless Sun and Breez E with their latest track “Crazy Talk”, have set the precedence, engineering a new wave of electronic sounds for the newest generation of music consumers.

“Crazy Talk” is a dynamic track that fuses exuberant electronic instrumentals with R&B and pop vocals to deliver a flawless expression of energetic lyrical prowess. Constructed around the framework of a EDM track the duo progressively builds upon pounding drums, synthesized beats, melodic piano chords, and special effects to wrap listeners up into a dance-worthy, sweat factory of sound and style. While reminiscent of early 2000s international dance tracks, “Crazy Talk” incorporates a millennium spin by creating a contemporary sound hybrid. Fans with a broad stroke of musical preference will gravitate towards the eclectic mash-up of vocals, pop lyrics, and high-energy production.

Likened to artists such as Avicii, Soulless Sun and Breez E complement the high-energy track with melodious vocals on the verses and hooks, emanating advanced songwriting technique and the inherent ability to draw fans into the sound with a charismatic flow. Serving its purpose rigorously, the song conveys as an entertaining party hit likely to transcend time and rank among the top electronic productions of the decade if not beyond. Enticing fans new and old with this latest undertaking, the critically acclaimed Soulless Sun and Breez E are heightening the bar on global music domination.

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