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SoundCloud Buried The Repost Button & Users Are Pissed

For all the flak that SoundCloud receives, at its core it’s still a great service. It serves to disseminate and expose tracks to people who might not have heard them otherwise. One of the key methods of doing so is in reposting tracks, i.e., sharing tracks directly to your profile. Entire accounts and business models have been created out of reposting tracks on SoundCloud.

Unfortunately, SoundCloud has made the crazy decision to bury the repost button within a menu below a track. While this likely won’t affect repost networks which commonly use schedulers to automate the process, it will most definitely affect the average user who is that much less likely to hit a button within a menu.

SoundCloud’s official Twitter support page has already received dozens of complaints. The official statement regarding the change coming from the account states, “We did this to make the player less cluttered and make space for new features that we hope to introduce in the coming months.”

It’s still a question of whether those new features will also be bundled in the new menu drop-down or if they’ll be standalone – if it’s the latter, will they serve a more useful function than the repost button which is now buried? It seems we’ll soon find out.

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