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SoundCloud Uploads May Be Eligible for Grammy Awards In 2018

Last year, the entire music community petitioned the Recording Academy to consider streamed music as eligible work for the Grammys, and it worked; Chance The Rapper spearheaded the movement after receiving seven nominations under the new regulations.

Moving forward, free music is eligible for a Grammy, as long as said music is offered on a pay-optional service like Spotify. However, now Chance The Rapper is assuming authority on the topic, and has announced a serious game changer.

It’s not an official statement, so don’t prepare your trophy case just yet, but if this does become true, SoundCloud could see renewed value in their service. Considering the platform’s role as a proving ground for bedroom producers and aspiring artists from all over the world, the chance to now be considered for music’s highest honors will give even more validation to free downloads that might otherwise be written off by the Recording Academy.


Source: Uproxx

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