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Stafford Brothers #SomethingBIG #045 Plus Interview!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Stafford Brothers, we hope you enjoy their latest #SomethingBIG episode while reading it!

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How and when did you guys decide to come together to become DJs?

We used to DJ individually and then on saturday nights we would play together which was always more fun so we decided to do that full time.

Who was the biggest inspiration for the Stafford Brothers?

Early on it was rave DJs, but Roger Sanchez was someone who changed our sound and style and someone we always looked up to.

What was it like to be the first electronic act to be signed by Cash Money Records?

Its been a whole new world for us. Meeting those guys and hanging with them is something we have never done before and something we have really enjoyed.
The first single went triple platinum in Australia so thats pretty special..

What can we expect this year from the Stafford Brothers?

We have some new big records ready to go, we are just finalizing them and then we will put them out. We are touring all through the USA again, in asia and europe and also back home in Australia so good times.

If the Stafford Brothers could tour with anyone, who would it be?

I would love to go on the road with led zeppelin back in the 70s because the shit that happened on those tours just sounds insane!!

Can we expect more collabs with other artists from Cash Money like “Hello”?

Definitely, we have 2 new singles dropping soon and they will hopefully have some cash money artists on there.

What can fans expect when they go to see the Stafford Brothers?

It’s a party! We definitely go hard when we perform, and I can say everyone will leave having a good time.

What non EDM songs can we find the Stafford Brothers listening to at this moment?

I just listened to fire by sons of midnight. I like listening to acoustic tracks. Someone like Jose Gonzalez is the best!


#SomethingBIG- Episode #045: PLAYLIST

01: ‘YOU GOTTA KNOW’ Dyro feat. Radboud

02: ‘WIZARD’ Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway

03: ‘BANGERS & MASH’ Nathan C

04: ‘DON’T YOU WORRY IF I LOSE MYSELF’ (Stafford Brothers mashup) Swedish House Mafia Vs One Republic

05: ‘MINERALS’ Congorock & Nom De Strip

06: ‘ROCK THE BEAT’ (Original Club Mix) Beltek

07: ‘BEAM’ Mako feat. Angel Taylor

08: ‘RAGE’ Deniz Koyu

09: ‘LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM’ Hard Rock Sofa & Skidka

10: ‘EPIC’ Sandro Silva & Quintino

11: ‘SHE WOLF (FALLING TO PIECES)’ (Sandro Silva remix) David Guetta feat. Sia

12: ‘LET GO TONIGHT’ (MAKJ remix) Sandro Silva feat. Jack Miz

13: ‘WATCH THE SUNRISE’ (Extended Vocal Mix) Axwell feat. Steve Edwards

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