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Starboy | The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk | Violin Looping Pedal Cover

Hey all! Recently I’ve been listening to The Weeknd’s new song (and album) on repeat, so I decided to do my usual thing and create a looping pedal cover of “Starboy.” However, this time I had the opportunity to record this cover with a wireless microphone courtesy of the company, iSolo.

Usually when I do looping pedal arrangements, I have to either record it on studio microphones which are not very portable, or through my violin’s DI pick-up which sacrifices sound quality for convenience. With the iSolo, I found you get a nice medium between the two; you get a condenser microphone quality in a small wireless package. I can see this being super useful, especially for live performances where I want to be able to move freely on stage.

Everything you hear (excluding the piano synths) were recorded with the iSolo wireless microphone. For my particular set-up, I attached the microphone to the side of my violin, and the wireless receiver to my Boss RC-300 via 1/4″ guitar cable.

You can check out iSolo’s website here:

Full Disclosure: iSolo sent me this unit to use, but after trying it out, I genuinely think the microphone works great for the kinda of work I do!
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Original Music: Weeknd
Arrangement: Albert Chang
Performance/Direction: Albert Chang
Video/Audio Production: Albert Chang
Cinematography: Tiffany Chang

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