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Students, Instructors, Employees Tell All About The Fall Of Dubspot

Dubspot went from an internationally-renowned DJ and production school to a collapsed program accused of fraud, and this is how it all went down…

Fact Mag uncovered the real story behind Dubspot. The innovative program founded in 2006 by Dan Giove was one of the first of its kind, with hands on education for DJing and music production. Back then, courses running upwards of $6000 were sold out in advance and just over a decade later the company is nearly done for.

Giove stepped down as CEO earlier this year amidst fraud accusations including “canceled classes, missed student refunds, unpaid staff and accusations of professional and personal misconduct.” While he owned up to “mistakes” and moved into a support role, Dubspot reportedly failed to pay its debts.

Robbie Lumpkin, a former marketing employee at Dubspot was just one of the employees to speak with Fact Mag: “There were lots of shady refund practices with students; it seemed like a money-grab kind of situation. [Giove] still owes me money to this day.”

Former Traktor Digital DJing instructor Mike Henderson, aka DJ Endo, said the business simply spun out of control: “The commission checks weren’t coming in and I basically had to put a strong arm down.”

He was later compensated with a “bunch of gear.”

Detailed accounts of international students losing thousands of dollars on classes that never happened, underfunding for expansions and extravagant décor, and people being mysteriously fired have all been compiled in the full article from Fact Mag.

Giove apparently regretted being so irresponsible with Dubspot’s money: “It’s beyond heartbreaking. The worst part of it all was not being able to pay the students, teachers, and creditors the money they were owed.”

Source: Fact Mag

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