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TRON: LEGACY (DAFT PUNK) – Adagio for Tron (Cello & Piano Cover ft. reckoner27cello)

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Back with reckoner27cello, and this time with even more instrumental parts to make this cover even more epic and full of feels. We perform “Adagio for Tron” with 5 cellos and a piano. It is one of my favourite tracks from the score of TRON: LEGACY.

And of course special thanks to reckoner27cello for helping to make this happen. Make sure to check out her other awesome cello covers at her channel!

Cello sheets by reckoner27cello:

Original Composition by: Daft Punk

Hope you all enjoy this collab cover!

P.S. We decided to play it in C minor instead of the original C# minor…..just because.

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