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[TSS Interview] Bobby Puma Opens Up About His Latest Track “Come Alive” And More

[TSS Interview] Bobby Puma Opens Up About His Latest Track “Come Alive” And More

Brian Poles

Late last month Bobby Puma came at us with a heart-warming new track titled “Come Alive” featuring Desiree Dawson on Armada Deep. The track opens up with Dawson’s pristine voice guiding the song into its breakdown and eventual melody filled with percussions on top of Dawson’s vocals before falling into a groovy and deep house drop. The song holds a combination of both summer and late night feels. A perfect mixture of what we were looking for at the top part of the summer. Along with dropping this tune Bobby also gave us a bit of his time to answer a few questions about the song, his summer plans, and more. Check out the full interview below as well as the song!

TSS: Tell us about your new song “Come Alive”

Bobby Puma: Working on “Come Alive” was a great experience for me because it gave me a chance to return to my roots with music production. Ever since “Someone Somewhere” I wanted to create a ballad-esque track like this one, and I loved putting it together every step of the way.

TSS: How was it working with Desiree Dawson? Did she write the lyrics or was it more of a collaborative effort?

BP: Desiree is not only an amazing singer, but very great to work with. Always open to different ideas and we joined forces very easily.

TSS: You just worked on a song with Tiesto which went in a much different direction than “Come Alive,” what was it like working with him and going from one genre to another?

BP: With Tiesto we were aiming to make a track like “Making Me Dizzy.” We really wanted to focus on bringing people to the dance floor and keeping the energy up. He is like my bother which made this collab a lot of fun to do! As far as changing genres, “Come Alive” I produced with a little more meaning rather than a track to get people dancing.

TSS: You’ve been producing for a while now. How would you day your sound has evolved and how have you seen the scene evolve around you? ?

BP: Well firstly, just as like with driving or playing an instrument, the longer you do it the better you get. I think I have developed as a producer relative to my ability to create across different genres. I strive to create music I enjoy no matter what anyone else thinks.


TSS: Who are some of your favorite producers and DJs right now? Any past favorites who have taken a step back or retired?

BP: So much talent it’s hard to say, Maceo Plex, NGHTMRE, Solomun and digging Robin Shultz lately too.

TSS: We heard you’re a fan of cooking. What are some of your specialities?

BP: I love grilling! Favorites include lamb chops, steak or even sea bass.

TSS: We’ll take it back to the basics with this one. What’s your favorite sandwich?

BP: Chicken pesto with bacon, lettuce, tomato is my go-to.

TSS: Any fun plans non-music related for the summer?

BP: The most fun I could possibly have is spending the summer with my daughter

TSS: Finally, what do you have in store for the rest of 2016 and beyond with your music?

BP: Oh I have a lot coming in 2016. Keep an eye out!

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