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[TSS Interview] Bricks Gets It Right With His House Tune “Get Right”

[TSS Interview] Bricks Gets It Right With His House Tune “Get Right”

Alejandro Vega

LA producer Bricks makes groovy bass-heavy House tunes. His latest is called Get Right and will blow your speakers up if you’re not careful with the volume. I got the chance to do a small interview about how he got his name, his inspirations, goals and how he got into electronic music.

TSS: How did your construction job influence you starting the alias?

B: When coming up with my brand, I wanted to keep it authentic. I wanted something that described me as a person and as a producer. So to accomplish that, my lady and I sat down and wrote down words that described me, or words that had to do with construction. She had written down the word Bricks, and it just clicked. Even though I’m a commercial plumber, not a brick layer, something about the word resonated with me. Bricks is blue-collar, hard working, resilient, strong, determined and of course red, lol.

TSS: Who are your main influences that inspired Bricks?

B: A few tracks that have influenced my break style were Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock, Afro-Rican – Give it All You Get, Freestyle – Don’t Stop the Rock, Newcleus – Jam on it, Al-Naafyish – Time, Cybotron – Clear, Herbie Hancock – Rock It and Egyptian Lover – Egypt Egypt. Those are just a few of my favorites and to this day are still great songs. When it comes to that 80’s sound that I love so much, that came straight from watching Tron, the original. Daft Punk did an amazing job with Tron: Legacy, but he OG is still where it’s at for me.

TSS: How will 2017 be different than 2016 for you?

B:2016 was a great year for me cause I was able to finally come out with the Bricks brand. A lot of great opportunities came my way, like signing with Indie Pop management and AM Only. This year, I plan on growing this brand out to the masses. I feel good about this year already. After releasing ‘Get Right’ last week, I am going to release a remix I did for a big artist and another original track a couple weeks after that. I’m working on putting out more music and I hope everyone keeps showing the love.

TSS: What got you into electronic music?

B: I got into the rave scene early with my boy Matt when we were around 17 years old. We’d drive to some sketchy parts of Southern California just to listen to some Hard House. That was fun to just go crazy and have fun, but what really got me hooked was when I heard a track called Launch by DJ Jean for the first time. From that point on, I was hooked. My taste in Electronic Music has grown since then to include a lot of different sub-genres in the EDM world. I listen to everything from House to Drum n Bass and I truly appreciate every genre.

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