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[TSS Interview] Fransis Derelle Discusses New Single With Hopsteady, Upcoming E.P. And More!

[TSS Interview] Fransis Derelle Discusses New Single With Hopsteady, Upcoming E.P. And More!

Lauren Ikenn

It’s been a busy year for Antuane Walker, better known as Fransis Derelle. Since releasing “Imaginary Friends” with Hopsteady, the talented DJ and producer has spent his time writing his first E.P. on Circus Records and planning his upcoming tour.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Fransis Derelle and he filled us in on everything from his musical influences to his plans for the rest of 2017. Check out the exclusive interview below!

Fransis Derelle & Hopsteady- Imaginary Friends | Download |

TSS: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Fransis Derelle: Hey, my name’s Antuane Walker but most know me as Fransis Derelle. I am a music nerd and an anime enthusiast. I am an ex band geek and have been producing music for about four years now.

TSS: Who are some of your musical influences?

Fransis Derelle: Artist-wise I would say people like Porter Robinson, San Holo, RL Grime, What So Not and Illenium. I also get a lot of my influences from anime and other TV shows’ opening theme songs. They’re super catchy, even if sometimes you don’t understand them.

TSS: You entered Insomniac’s Discovery Project four times before ultimately winning. How did it feel when you finally won, and what did you do to celebrate?

Fransis Derelle: I remember sitting at my computer desk and seeing a call come in from California and the biggest smile came to my face. When I was told I finally won I was SUPER stoked and happy. It was something I had challenged myself to and I really wanted it so that was awesome. To celebrate I took myself to get ice cream at Arctic Circle as I usually do when I have reason to celebrate.

TSS: If you could play any venue or festival, what would it be?

Fransis Derelle: I can’t really name one but I can name my top 3: EDC, Tomorrowland and Ultra. Playing any of those would be a dream come true.

TSS: You recently released “Imaginary Friends.” How did this intoxicating track come to be?

Fransis Derelle: Around June 2016 I received a package of super crazy demos from Hopsteady and we begin talking after that. A month later they sent me over a WIP, which then became Imaginary Friends, and I ended up finishing it the next day.

TSS: You’re currently writing your first E.P. on Circus Records. What can fans expect from this upcoming record?

Fransis Derelle: This E.P. will be an emotional roller coaster. With my last E.P. I had an idea of exactly what I wanted to do. I took a month out of my schedule and focused only on that. This time around I went into it with no plan, no deadline and no set emotion. I wrote this one with whatever emotion I felt at the time and since every song is written in a different season the moods also differ. Expect a lot of feels but also a lot of hard-hitting bass!

TSS: You’re set to release your next single, “Hollywood Dreams” next month. What can you tell us about this new track?

Fransis Derelle: I wrote this song with super talented vocalist, Lisa Cimorelli. It’s the story of a girl living in Hollywood who ends up finding her dream guy. To her she can’t believe it because he is everything she has every wanted and it all feels like a dream to her. It is the perfect love story, so there is no way this could be real.

TSS: What do you have in store for the rest of 2017?

Fransis Derelle: For the rest of 2017 I have a few more festivals that I will be playing. Also, I’m currently planning a fall/winter tour that I am really stoked on! Really, I just want to focus on writing more music to come into 2018 strong.

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