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[TSS Interview] French Producer Tom Tyger Talks With TSS For This Exclusive Interview

[TSS Interview] French Producer Tom Tyger Talks With TSS For This Exclusive Interview

Alejandro Vega

Tom Tyger has steadily been making his name. With support from big artists and Sosumi Records boss Kryder, Tom Tyger is set to be a well-known star. I got a chance to ask him some questions so check out our interview below!

TSS: What was your inspiration for House Nation? Tom Tyger: I tried to do something unique between a lot of styles. I think we can feel some house influences, but also some electro, tribal, progressive influences, that s why i think it s an interesting track. (I made a post about House Nation on this page)

TSS: What kind of DAW do you produce with and how long have you used the program?
TT: I working with logic 9 since the beginning and i have never tried another one to be honest, i feel good with it and i think it’s the most important point.

TSS: What are your favorite VSTs/plug-ins that you use?
TT: I love the logic plugs !! Not so many people are using them but there are some great stuff.
TSS: How do you achieve that catchy sound that makes a track sound more House than over-the-top Bigroom leads?

TT: It’s a lot of work, sometimes I stay one day in studio only to find the right sound because i’m always looking for something fresh and not so casual or organic.

TSS: What are some tips to create groovy melodies and beats?
TT: I don’t one special tip to bring some groove in melodies, i think it’s all about feeling.

TSS: What extra tip can you provide that is pretty important to you?

TT: The most important thing is to work really hard, this is the key of the success i think. There is another really important thing: when you finish a track, you have to compare it with a reference track to see if it’s good enough.

TSS: What are your plans for 2016?
TT: 2016 is going to be full of new music and full of shows … i’m super excited!

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