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[TSS Interview] Learn About The Inner Workings Of Canadian DJ And Producer Conro

It has been a big year for Canadian DJ and producer Conro. In the six months that have passed he has released two original tracks and three remixes which have gained big support. His latest original “Lay Low” featuring David Benjamin is perfect for this time of year and has a nice summertime vibe to it which showcases his eclectic musical background and his personal sound. We were recently able to discuss with Conro about the making of the song and more about his musical journey. Check out the interview below to learn about the artist, his music, and where he is heading down the road.

TSS: Your new song “Lay Low” is nice and vibey with that summertime feel to it. What was the process like while making it?

Conro: I had a ton of fun making this tune. I started writing it in November dreaming about summer. Haha, me and David (vocalist) really vibed on writing the lyrics for this. We never met before, but at ADE last year we linked up and wrote the lyrics in one quick session! Really happy with how it turned out.

TSS: Many of your songs have featured vocalists. How do you believe vocals add to your music as compared to straight productions?

Conro: I love working with vocalists, I feel like it adds another dimension to a song. When I get to write vocals, I feel like it’s a more straight forward interpretation of what I was trying to explain in the music. But I also love instrumentals as well, just prefer working with vocals for the most part.

TSS: What do you look for in a vocalist to be featured in one of your songs?

Conro: I want to be inspired, I’d be down to work with a mega super star like Justin Beiber and to the opposite end, working with someone I’ve never heard of as long as we can vibe and write something that inspires both of the artists.

TSS: Close to a year ago you worked with Headhunterz which may seem like a pretty unlikely collaboration. How did that come about and what was the process like working with him?

Conro: I knew Willems manager at the time (Friso) pretty well actually. I had been sending demo’s back and forth with him for a while. He mentioned that Willem wanted to try a different style of song, and pitched me a cool vocal to work with. I sent a demo within a day and he loved it, got the track done and we had a ton of fun writing it. One of the funniest collabs I’ve ever done!

TSS: How would you say your sound is distinguishable from similar producers to you?

Conro: I like to focus on always changing and growing, so a year from now I may sound different. But the truth and vibes to my track will never change. I like to think I stay true to my chords and progressions which seems to make my music cohesive.

TSS: What has it been like being a member of the Monstercat family?

Conro: I love it, they are such a great group of young and positive thinkers. If you have an idea they are fully supportive of creating and artist development. So grateful to be apart of the team.

TSS: You were just announced to be playing on Monstercat’s curated art car stage at EDC. What was it like when they contacted you to play and to see your name on that line up announcement?

Conro: Haha, always incredible to see your name on these posters. Especially EDC! I’m extremely grateful and humbled to be asked to join the line up!

TSS: How has your diverse musical background helped you along your journey into electronic music?

Conro: I think it has really built a strong foundation behind my music writing and productions. I’m very fortunate to have my parents force me to play violin and multiple instruments at a young age, it was a great way to start ear training and building an ear for music!

TSS: What else is in store for you the rest of the year and beyond?

Conro: I have some really great releases on lots of different labels, including my EP coming out on Monstercat. I’m so excited to share my unreleased tunes as well as playing at Tomorrowland!

TSS: Anything else you would like to add?

Conro: To all my friends and fans. Thank you so much for all the love and support, I can’t do this without you.

So if you are heading to EDC this weekend make sure to stop by Monstercat’s curated artcart and check out Conro! His music will be sure to dazzle under the esteemed electric sky.

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