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[TSS Review] Mat Zo’s Latest Album “Self Assemble” Has A Better Plot Than ‘Batman v Superman’

[TSS Review] Mat Zo’s Latest Album “Self Assemble” Has A Better Plot Than ‘Batman v Superman’

Alejandro Vega

It was one of 2016’s most anticipated albums in the electronic world and the proof is in the iTunes Electronic chart, where Mat Zo‘s album Self Assemble hit #1. This 12 track album has a wide arrange of sounds, showcasing the skills of Matan Zohar. Here’s my review of Self Assemble! Mat Zo starts the album off with the 3 minute track Order Out of Chaos. It’s an ambient electronic track that has some incredible sound design. The second track is called The Enemy and features singer Sinead Egan. Mat kicks things up a bit with a more funkyier vibe. A catchy hook, fine electronic elements, tight drums and simply a well-thought out tune. The third track is his collab with I See MONSTAS called Sinful. It has a disco feel with classic guitar licks, soulful bass and crisp drums. The next track called Patterns Emerging is a short tune that only goes for less than 2 minutes. It’s a nice intermission that helps set up the next song. The title of that song is called Killing Time. It’s a unique track as it isn’t the standard four-on-the-floor and includes a variety of Electronic aspects. Smacked Up On Jack is the next tune in this album. It starts off mellow before a sample vocal is played. The track is 9 seconds short before the 2 minute mark but it’s another great section. The seventh track is a VIP version of his Dubstep track in 2014 Ruffneck Bad Boy. The beginning is the same until the drop. Instead of a filthy bass beat it’s replaced with a more heavier lead and new rhythm. Lights Out is the 8th track and goes back to the groove. It’s Mat’s more energetic track of the album. The next tune is the single Mat released earlier this year for free called Soul Food. If you haven’t heard it yet you’re messing up big time. The tenth track is a Trance single called Stereo No Wide. This was an ID Mat Zo played in his set at Madison Square Garden for Above & Beyond’s ABGT 100. It was highly sought after tune and it’s no surprise to hear why. The second to last track brings back Sinead Egan for Too Late. It starts off with a somber guitar hook with a similar feel from Sinead’s voice. It’s another track that shows the listener that you simply can’t label Mat anything other than an artist. The final tune is called The Last Transmission and is a great way to finish the album off as it is another excellent music production. Mat Zo stepped up from his Grammy nominated album Damage Control and produced some of the finest pieces of music I’v heard thus far.

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