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Twalle Remixes KSHMR & Felix Snow’s “Touch” Feat. Madi

Twalle Remixes KSHMR & Felix Snow’s “Touch” Feat. Madi

Nelie D

Get ready for Twalle. Though the history of electronic dance music is long and storied, the future of electronic dance music (EDM) belongs to the youth. Enter Twalle (pronounced “TWAHL – ay”), wise beyond his years as an EDM DJ and producer. Having ignited the local Rhode Island club scene in 2009 as a DJ and local club promoter, his diverse DJ sets are now known to get everyone on the dancefloor and moving. Deft at blending and manipulating his audience’s beloved songs into new and energetic mixes, he has honed the singular skill of deejaying known as “reading the crowd.” Playing high-energy DJ sets at venues in international cities including New York, Miami and Cancun, he is constantly refining the parameters of his bootleg remixes so that the music peaks and ebbs for the ultimate effect. The Twalle Remix of KSHMR & Felix Snow’s “Touch” featuring Madi has ignited dancefloors and the remix is out now.

His take on KSHMR & Felix Snow’s “Touch” featuring Madi preserves the smooth, eclectic vibe of the original and adds an exquisite, edgy groove that allows the soul of the track to shine. The downtempo saunter of the Twalle Remix casts a romantic, sun-drenched atmosphere over the song while the bass music-inspired instrumental kicks the party vibe into high gear. He keeps the signature vocals of Madi in their rightful place of honor while dance music lovers appreciate the sensuous flow of the remix.

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