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Ultra Europe Music Festival Clashes with Europa League Match Over Venue

Ultra Europe is taking on Hajduk’s high-status Europa League match, as both events are set to go down over the weekend of July 14 – 16 at Poljud stadium — forcing the organizations into an agreement.

The negotiations are in final stages and the president of Hajduk, Ivan Kos seems to have an optimistic outlook — hoping both parties will be “happy and satisfied.”

“I hope that we can find a common language,” Kos said. “The contract has not yet been signed, but I hope that we can solve this problem. At the moment, the project itself is in the financial phase of negotiations. The problem is that we have to relocate the team to another stadium, which means we have to play a home game away, but we are ready to take a step back because of the general benefits and general good of Ultra. We know that the city benefits through catering and overnight stays, and at a national level, we believe that Ultra needs to be maintained.”

Kos does, however, hope that Ultra Europe will successfully find different dates in the future to alleviate any conflicts. While the Europa League match is a critical event, Ultra Europe offers vital importance and mass tourism in surrounding areas.

Check out the magical 2016 UMF Europe trailer here!

Source: Total Croatia News | Photo: Rukes

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