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Vince Staples x Kendrick Lamar x Flume x SOPHIE x Kučka Drops Next Friday [DETAILS]

Vince Staples x Kendrick Lamar x Flume x SOPHIE x Kučka… Just let the idea of that sink in for a moment.

This mega-collaboration is about to be unleashed as rapper Vince Staples’ new album Big Fish Theory drops June 23! The track in discussion, “Yeah Right” features credits from producers Flume and SOPHIE, modern day legend Kendrick Lamar, and eccentric composer/songwriter Kučka, as revealed by Rap Genius.

Aside from his highly successful, Grammy award-winning project Flume, Harley Streten has been pushing the envelope in terms of production through other styles and genres. Recently, he even produced a track for electro pop star Lorde‘s album Melodrama, making his way into mainstream music.

As for his work with Vince Staples and Kučka, it can be best interpreted through the beautifully relentless track “Smoke & Retribution” from Flume’s 2016 sophomore album Skin. While our minds are racing with the possibilities of what this could sound like — this is the closest thing out there until next Friday!

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