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Watch Deadmau5 remix an old track – Polaris

Watch Deadmau5 take apart and remix an old track and then apply mastering processing.

0:00 Deadmau5 locates older track Polaris and strips it down just a chord progression.

2:41 applies @meldaproduction MSTEREOEXPANDER

4:00 uses @xferrecords Cthulhu to automate writing an arpeggio to midi.

7:35 manually edits the arpeggio note by note.

8:55 uses @xferrecords Serum to design a fat arp patch.

9:45 uses @Spectrasonics Omnisphere to layer a luscious pad sound.

12:14 further tweaking the arp sound.

13:27 loads up @NI_News Reaktor with spacemaster2 reverb.

14:17 loads @fabfilter Pro-L Limiter on the master bus.

16:40 copies the chord progression to make a sub track in Omnisphere.

18:00 loads up a kick drum sample and does some sound design on it.

19:50 mixing/sidechaining the synths.

20:03 Deadmau5 praises up @fabfilter Pro-L Limiter and all it’s awesomeness as he shows how he puts it to work.

23:42 Deadmau5 layers another kick for the low end.

24:53 Deadmau5 flies some @iZotopeInc Ozone7 in on the mastering bus says “I always brickwall eq 30hz …don’t ask why …just good practice.” Joel talks a lot about mastering here….good stuff!

29:00 Walks through some mastering stuff (overhead -1db)

31:35 Deadmau5 goes to bed.

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