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Whipped Cream’s ‘Persistence’ EP Emotionally, Artistically, Beautifully Describes Her Musical Journey

Brace yourselves, because today marks the release of Whipped Cream‘s debut solo EP and she’s not holding back!

The daring bass producer takes her productions to the next level with her Persistence EP, out now via Nest HQ. Each track — “Persistence,” “Ignorant,” and “Selfish” — tells a different story, all of which are gushing with endless drive and raw emotion. Everything Whipped Cream has worked for has led up to this very release and song-by-song, her persistence can be heard loud and clear.

The title track, “Persistence,” starts hopeful, building into a haunting arrangement that makes you automatically surrender to her sound. This is Whipped Cream. “Ignorant” plays with a soft, intriguing build that creates a world of wonder before erupting into an absolutely gnarly bass heavy attack. “Selfish” leaves you with a literal goodbye, that’s both comforting and somewhat unsettling at the same time. The uneasiness and unexpected nature of the entire EP is sure to keep you on your toes, and Whipped Cream’s crisp, purposeful delivery will leave you wanting to hear more.

As for Whipped Cream, she revealed to us exactly what the Persistence EP means to her:

This EP is written for me and its written for you, too. I want you to know you’re not alone if you’re chasing something right now and no matter how hard it is if you remain pushing, scratching and trying new things to make it happen. You can get there. Every failure, every no, is just a lesson learned and one step closer to a yes. One step closer to where you want to go. We gotta stop breaking our own hearts when things don’t go to planned. We gotta take them, rework them inside of our minds, and find a way to go around that obstacle to try again. Please let me be that example. Again, I have no special talents, I am no one special. It was love and persistence that has gotten me to this day and this is truly just the start of what to come to this journey…

We’re absolutely obsessed with this release and what it stands for. Whipped Cream’s Persistence EP emotionally, artistically, and beautifully describes her musical journey thus far, but better believe she’s just getting started.

Turn this shit up and learn more about Whipped Cream here!


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