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Wuki Talks New Music and Record Label Ahead Of Coachella Appearance [Interview]

Over the past few years Wuki has made a name for himself with his consistent output of high quality original tracks, official remixes, and collabs with artists as diverse as Kayzo and Reid Stefan, as well as his superb DJ sets. Few producers can match his output and versatility and Wuki (real name Kris Barman) is looking to take it to the next level in 2018.

Wuki released his first track of the year last month, “Chop It” featuring Bri Berlay. We got the chance to catch up with Kris after his Ultra Miami set. He talked to us about “Chop It,” his Ultra set with Quix, staying healthy on the road and his new label Wukileaks.

Hey Kris, you’ve been up to a lot so far this year. First things, first, tell me about your new single “Chop It” ft. Bri Berlay?

“So this tune, like many, I have been sitting on for awhile. I got the vocal from Bri about a year ago and I knew it had a gem in there. I’m super happy how it turned out.”

You’re also launching your new label, Wukileaks, which is an extension of your brand overall. Tell us a little about what kind of work goes into that?

“Yeah, I noticed the response I was getting from my bootlegs and wanted to use it as a platform for my original music as well. With a massive original catalog, the idea of shopping all the tunes was pretty daunting. Although labels can be super powerful, they tend to have a lot of red tape, and working with their timelines can be a struggle. I think we’re seeing a trend of artists putting music out on their own because you have a lot of freedom and room to explore ways to get your music to your fans. The industry is changing, more and faster everyday, my goal is to always be able to adapt and deliver.”

You’re also in the midst of a full-on tour in support of Wukileaks. Tell us a little about your day-to-day while on your tour? What are some methods you utilize to stay balanced on the road and reduce stress?

“So, I am a bit of a health freak, I work out daily, do hot yoga three times a week, and eat a mostly ketogenic diet. When I get to my hotel, I always work out, and then at the shows I barely drink. I will go off the rails sometimes, but this really helps me keep focused and in good headspace.”

I know you also got to perform at Ultra at the Brownies N Lemonade Stage. Tell us about what that was like? How do you approach a set at a massive festival versus a more intimate set like on the Wukileaks tour?

“To be honest, Quix and I only planned 2 songs and the rest we freestyled. I have a ‘choose your own adventure’ system that allows me to go different directions musically. I still like to read the crowd and switch it up on the fly. I mean, we are DJs, right?”

Finally, just tell us a little about your musical journey? What’s led you this point and what more would you like to accomplish?

“Started playing guitar at 13, learned how to make beats at 17, I was in a relatively successful band until 26, been doing Wuki ever since. At this point, I just want to make music I’m proud of and always stay true to myself. I never want to chase trends, I want to make them.”

Wuki will be appearing at both weekends of Coachella this year at the Heineken House! Make sure to check him out both Saturdays April 14 & 21. Check out “Chop It” ft. Bri Berlay below. Keep your eyes peeled, Wukipedia Vol. 1 will be coming soon!

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