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Yeezy’s “dark” EDM Collaboration

One of hip-hop’s biggest superstars created havoc when Mr. West stated “June Eighteen” last week on twitter. Over 30,000 retweets occurred when word (unofficial) came out that Kanye was releasing his newest album, which they refer to as the “dark” album. Supposedly it is going to be even darker than his latest album release My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy. How is this related to EDM you say?

Rolling Stone has recently gathered interesting information regarding the new “dark” album, stating that Kanye has collaborated with the dance music heavyweights Skrillex and Daft Punk! 2 Chainz and MC Chief Keef recently told the Huffington Post that everyone will be hearing some dope shit when the album gets released. Bold words by the star rapper… let’s hope the album can live up to the hype! Although we have no idea what to expect, there should be no doubt in our minds that Skrillex and Daft Punk will bring music to a new level working alongside Yeezy.

It is VERY exciting to see how EDM is collaborating with different music around the world, which proves that dance music is growing rapidly in the music industry today. Keep up with the latest news on eatsleepEDM!

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