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Yheti Shakes Your Speakers With His “Future Energy”

[TSS Premiere] Yheti Shakes Your Speakers With His “Future Energy”

Brian Poles

Coming at you in his usual hard-hitting, trip-inducing, space-bass sound is the one-and-only Yheti. The young DJ/producer from Dayton, Ohio has shown through his music he has an ear for the unusual and unknown. Through heavy bass rhythms and synths he has found his way to a new plane. His new original “Future Energy” falls right in-line with the sound he has made a name for himself with and boy is it a doozy.

The track starts by gliding you through cosmos before quickly accelerating into a wave of thumping bass and pounding synths. He uses vocal samples to help layer the dysfunction he is bringing you through in this song and makes the trip seem wildly out of control. Almost as quickly as it started the song descends into its finish, leaving you wondering what just happened.

“Future Energy” is out on April 20 on WAKAAN’s new compilation Convoy, curated by Liquid Stranger. The whole compilation is a long, strange trip with some really unique songs so if you are feeling this one then this whole album will be a treat. For now check out this Yheti track a day early and prepare yourself for that “Future Energy” to come.

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