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Your EDM Interview: Delta Heavy [RAM Records]

With RAM Records on an incomparable binge of consecutively game-changing releases, it felt only right that we have a seat with Delta Heavy themselves, after the release of their debut studio album, Paradise Lost. Featuring fourteen tracks representing everything the duo encompasses wrapped up into one tightly-packaged release, the team has at no one’s disbelief set an album precedent. Some of the tunes entertain a genre other than drum and bass, and I’d be lying if I said it was anything other than impeccably constructed with brilliant engineering aligned with unmatched creativity. Some comparisons could be made to Sub Focus’s sophomore album, Torus, in the way that Delta Heavy has blended their drum & bass roots with other contemporary styles.

These guys have time and time again constructed a style of drum and bass that so many followed like sheep awaiting an unexpected sheering. They’ve led the game, and it’s only expected that they will now lead the charge into dance music like they always have- but now, with a heavyweight compilation of mastery.

My favorite tune of the bunch is unquestionably “Cut Me.” Why? Its production value; its mix down characterizes perfection. The way the vocal acts as a rise in energy in the buildup is unscathed (temporarily, of course). Before long, the drop stabs through like a zoo animal viciously unchained by its establishment; let loose to raid rampantly amongst its environment.

Next up, would be the title track. This one’s an absolute tune for all my drumstep and slow-stepping bunch.

Without further delay, let’s see what they have to say about their current tour, production endeavors and all things Delta Heavy.

Hey guys! So hyped to be having a word with you both. How’s the tour life treating you lately? We’ve all seen the massive crowds and ridiculously packed venues you’ve been performing at!

Fantastic, thank you. Typing this at 35,000 ft somewhere over Oregon on the way to San Francisco. Pretty tired, have already played 5 shows this week but feeling very satisfied.

We know you have quite an album just released, can you tell those unaware a bit about that – is there any special content they should pay an extra bit of attention to?

It is our debut album which has taken a fair amount of time to put together, but we are very pleased it is finally out. The response to it so far has been amazing which is both humbling and gratifying. With our first album we really wanted to produce a cohesive body of work that had a distinct sound despite covering a range of different styles, tempos and genres. A lot of our music has an epic, cinematic feel and we wanted this to come across. We wrote two interlude tracks as we wanted the album to flow as a seamless, continuous composition.

What separates this album from your other past works?

Mostly for the reasons mentioned above, and the fact there are a few more experimental tracks on there that aren’t aimed solely for the dance floor.

Tell us a bit about the tour you’ve been on, what are some of your favorite cities, highlights, and memorable moments of it so far?

It’s been a very busy first few months of the year, and we’re very grateful to have visited some of our favourite places to play, as well as make our debuts in a few new places. It was great to be back in some great cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Sydney and Toronto. There have been so many highlights, such as playing Pirate Station in St. Petersburg, selling out our show in Perth for the third year in a row, and Beyond Wonderland festival where the stage production is just incredible.

With so many amazing releases just around the bend, what are your favorite RAM releases to look forward to this year?

Just finished a doing a bunch of shows with Calyx & Teebee and their new album should be pretty special.

How do you both feel about the current state of drum and bass in The United States?

It enjoys a loyal following a lot of places but the festival crowds and the younger generation do seem to be quite unexposed to the music compared to the UK and Europe.

Lastly, add any final thoughts for the fans?

Thank you to everyone who is supporting the album and has come to see us play this year!


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