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Your EDM Premiere: Papa Roach – Periscope Feat. Skylar Grey (EMRSV REMIX)

If you had told me when I started writing for Your EDM four years ago that I would one day be writing up an official remix for Papa Roach, I would have reacted like Will Smith in that one scene from M.I.B. – you know, this one.

And yet, here we are now, with EMRSV’s remix for “Periscope” by Papa Roach dropping tonight. Papa Roach themselves have come a long way from the days of “Getting Away With Murder” and “Last Resort.” Their new song with Skylar Grey, “Periscope,” is much poppier and less angsty than the songs of the early ’00s.

“When we first heard ‘Persicope,’ we were blown away by the song. We could just feel the raw emotion Skylar
and Jacoby’s voices brought to the track,” says EMRSV. “We were super excited to get the opportunity to add our touch to it, and work with artists we’ve grown up listening to. We wanted to incorporate some powerful  chords and uplifting strings to really accentuate the emotion in the song and bring to life its dance music potential. Getting to work on this remix was a dream come true!”

Dream come true, indeed! Check out EMRSV’s remix below!

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