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Your EDM Premiere: Zebbler Encanti Experience & Woulg – Empathy Switch [Free Download]

After collaborating with Mr. Bill on “$ATTN,” and pulling off an incredible installation for Envision Festival’s Sol stage, Zebbler Encanti Experience (ZEE) is ready to crumble minds with another experimental release.

Titled “Empathy Switch,” the track was originally shelved as a B-side with no plans to see distribution, only reaching the ears of fans in a select few live sets. In fact, sounds from “Empathy Switch” were used in the creation of “Neuron Dialect” from ZEE’s Freakquency EP, making the two long lost cousins. Now, this near-forgotten tune has been reworked into a VIP of the original collaboration with Montréal-based Woulg, and the result is beyond description.

On top of such a storied release, today celebrates the relaunch of the official Zebbler Encanti Experience website, and the announcement of ZEE’s North American tour with their ZEEggurat stage design. Get caught up with ZEE’s latest below, and be sure to grab “Empathy Switch” for yourself as a free download.

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