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Your EDM Reader Poll: Spotify or Apple Music [VOTE]

When you get ready to stream music, which app do you open up? Two of the most popular options are undoubtedly Spotify and Apple Music.

As heavy music consumers ourselves, we’re interested in how our readers are listening from home, in the car, via smartphone — wherever. While Spotify has established itself as the most popular music streaming platform, Apple Music certainly has its perks when it comes to user friendliness, aesthetic and integration with other Mac products.

“Apple seems like a no brainer it pairs with your iTunes,” one commenter writes.

Another says, “Spotify loads faster for me in my Android. Apple music seems to be useful only for apple users.”

Valid arguments each way.

Thus far, Spotify has taken a commanding lead, so Apple Music users will have to really step their game up to come out on top. Which do you use more?

Spotify vs. Apple Music

Spotify or Apple Music?

Posted by Your EDM on Saturday, November 25, 2017

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