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ZHU Teases Potential Coachella Set & New Song

The sky is blue, grass is green and ZHU is mysterious. These are the facts of life. On the topic of ZHU, the enigmatic producer has always been one for secretive moves. His entire aesthetic hides in the shadows, but at least he keeps putting out new music to get fans excited.

ZHU’s latest, reticent move is giving out free pasties while teasing a new song. Seriously. Fans received a text today, linking them to a page on his website announcing free pasties. Running in the background of the page is what sounds like an unreleased and untitled song. Since it’s his website, we’d guess the song is a new ZHU song.

The page shows the free pasties in full effect, with “Desert Woman” text displayed across both pasties. Perhaps that will be the title of the new song? By clicking on the “Free Pasties” text on the page, users can enter their address info to receive their free pasties. Fair warning, though: it appears the free pasties are limited in number.

Finally, ZHU may just be playing at Coachella this year. A few weeks ago, he uploaded what appears to be a rough touring schedule to his Instagram account. The schedule shows “Coachella Blacklizt” crossed out, but the image was quickly deleted. The image we have below comes with comments speculating that ZHU will be a surprise guest at the Do LaB stage. With news that the Do LaB stage will have two guest artists each night, it’s very possible ZHU will pop up at some point during both weekends of Coachella. Will he bring his all-black Blacklizt party with him? Either way, we can’t wait to find out.

Check out the potential Coachella leak below:


Cover Photo: Joey Vitalari

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