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Don Diablo Puts His Spin On MØ & Diplo’s “Sun In Our Eyes”

MØ & Diplo put out the effervescent and bright tune “Sun In Our Eyes” earlier this summer, once again proving why these two were made to work together. However, as the summer moves along and as the days get shorter and just a little bit cooler, there comes a need for a bit of a different take on it. Enter: Don Diablo.

The Dutch future house don (pun intended) keeps most of the song for the rise as piano notes and MØ’s voice intertwine, but completely redoes the drop into his own characteristic style. Don Diablo has developed his favorite synths and plug-ins, and we can’t blame him – they always come out sounding fire no matter what material he’s given to work with.

Between MØ’s angelic voice and Don Diablo’s futuristic production, “Sun In Our Eyes” definitely got an upgrade. Check it out below!


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